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Donation word transfer means. If due to the problems of women in couples who can not have children, if the woman's uterus but not the eggs themselves, in case of early menopause, if sustained low place, ovulation is happening, but egg quality is poor egg donation (egg transport of) is applied. In addition, the female partner is sexually transmitted or inherited the egg donation be applied in cases where the disease can be passed to babies and couples who have children so that they can be problems with this method.

      Egg donation of eggs to be used for the person providing the necessary conditions are provided.
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Doğuş Hospital - Welcome to our Cyprus IVF Center. Our goal as Dogus IVF Center, patient-centered, patient satisfaction for using all the advanced applications with the latest in medical technology instruments to provide high pregnancy success.

In our center, the normal in vitro fertilization (IVF / ICSI) process, as well as egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, egg freezing and sperm freezing is done in processing.
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who applied to the egg donation?

Rahm is entered early menopause women
Women in menopause,
If for any reason the ovariectomized females,
Radiotherapy or chemotherapy because women have lost ovarian activity,
The number of eggs and the scarcity of women with low-quality eggs,
Women who acutely low,
It is a genetic disease and that the risk of transmitting the disease to women with children,

How to choose a donor for the Egg Donation?

People in the egg donation may be one person or a stranger known to double,
The age of the eggs must be forgiving people between 20- 29 years of age and healthy people,
has proven its earlier pregnancy or child birth or those who have preferred,
They are carefully selected based on their physical appearance,
It is sure that the family history of any genetic disorders.
Transmitters infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis B and C, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, kalmidy on), genetic diseases (cystic fibrosis karyotype analysis and screening) were investigated in terms of blood group and Rh status are determined. in which the origin of certain ethical screening for thalassemia and sickle cell anemia are made of people.
especially blood group of the donor eggs and ethnicity are those of the couple set a recipient a fit. In addition, eye color, skin color, hair color, height and weight are carefully selected and tried to fit those of the couple as possible buyers.

How to apply for egg donation?

Preparation of egg donors

As with the first IVF treatment, the egg donor eggs to get the replication process. after initiation of a printing history pieces made 21 days. Then, with eggs made to replicate a subsequent period of 3 days mens hormone drugs.
when they reach a certain size of growing follicles in the ovaries through this process it is collected eggs under light anesthesia.

Preparation of egg recipients

Once you find a suitable egg donor female and the female's eggs begin to grow as soon as the treatment is provided to the recipient female hormone estrogen thickened taking increasing doses of intra-uterine membrane and the introduction of appropriate thickness up to transfer.

Preparation of the recipient's wife

Egg donor eggs from the woman's husband the day the eggs are collected female recipient of the sperm sample is taken. It does not require any preparation for it. Only 3 days of sexual abstinence release are suitable.

Transfer process

Buyer eggs collected from female buyers lady are combined in the laboratory with sperm taken from her husband, it is grown in the laboratory for 2 to 5 days and at the end of this period is transferred to the recipient mother. After 12 days after the transfer and blood ß HCG pregnancy hormao Analyzing the results are known.

Egg transfer application for T. C is not legal citizens.
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