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Sperm donation mother who decided to double the number of candidates to be strengthened and the quality of ovarian eggs increased. Eggs are collected from the donor whether people are prepared combined with sperm in the laboratory. The resulting embryos are placed in the womb of the mother. pregnancy test is done by entering the required day waiting period.
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Doğuş Hospital - Welcome to our Cyprus IVF Center. Our goal as Dogus IVF Center, patient-centered, patient satisfaction for using all the advanced applications with the latest in medical technology instruments to provide high pregnancy success.

In our center, the normal in vitro fertilization (IVF / ICSI) process, as well as egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, egg freezing and sperm freezing is done in processing.
If the problem stems from men in couples who can not have children, there is no sperm in the semen, sperm donation for couples applied in the absence of the ability of sperm to fertilize can have children. In addition, in cases where the male partner sexually transmitted disease that can be inherited or passed on to the baby being implemented and sperm donation for couples who have children so that they can be problems with this method.

     sperm to be used for the sperm donors are obtained from the sperm bank. Sperm donation is the person who put the health and mental control. When selecting sperm from the sperm bank rules that must be adhered to.

who apply to sperm donation?

no sperm in the semen without men,
men with no sperm's ability to fertilize the eggs of sperm in the semen
Genetic disease and men with a risk of transmitting the disease to their children,
men's sperm can not be found MicroTESE method
women who want to have children without marriage
How to choose the sperm donor for the donation?

Previously made all the necessary tests and döllenebilirlig proven to be frozen sperm bank. After a 6-month quarantine is used if there is no problem in repeated tests.

Sperm donation How to apply?

Sperm donation is the first receiver pair begins with the reproduction of the wife's egg processing. This process couples can make their own doctors in control in the regions in which they reside or below, followed by our doctors can recommend. eggs of mothers when they reach a certain size eggs are collected in Cyprus. And based on the characteristics of a suitable sperm bank daddies made microinjection. The resulting embryos are transferred to the mother-in 2-5 days, and is expected to conclude after 12 days of pregnancy.

to inform the recipient

Intrauterine sperm donor sperm insemination (vaccination) is a very difficult decision for couples to take the decision. Therefore, the information sessions the pair to clarify this issue and is important enough to determine whether they bilgilenip informed about the receipt and treatment of the ideas in this regard.
Children born from sperm donation are the children of couples who accept this treatment.
Recipients must be informed of the possibility of dual therapy to result in a pregnancy or live birth. Double-makers chosen as appropriate, where the screening tests and be sure they fit the selected transmitter.
The couple must be informed in terms of risk of multiple pregnancy.

Evaluation of the receiver

Doctor's mother MUA's next detailed medical and family history should be investigated. Ultrasonographic method with uterus and ovaries should be considered. Hormone tests should be requested. Blood type and Rh status is determined.
There are two approaches in the implementation of donor sperm, first intrauterine insemination (vaccination), the other is IVF (IVF) d.

Screening tests for Buyers

HIV from both the couple requested tests for sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis B and C. Women should be investigated in terms of rubella and cytomegalovirus are not vaccinated, inoculated.

matched to the donor and the recipient

The receiver and transmitter ethnicity and hair color, skin color, eye color, height, tried to be matched according to physical characteristics such as weight, especially Rh (-) of the donor's blood in the mother should be considered to be negative.

Sperm transplant applications for citizens T. C is not legal.
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