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     In our country, that is a child of the couple with their desire (infertile couples) ratio is 15-20%. 50% of these are female factor. Infertility, problems caused by the woman are as follows;

Ovulation (ovulation) disorders
     Each month an egg are required to produce the ovaries to produce eggs, or the right to produce or sometimes the case sometimes is generating. One of the flourish of undeveloped eggs in the ovaries each month under normal conditions and is discharged from mature ovaries. anovulation ovulation is to occur. Menstrual irregularities and infertility due to anovulation most important Download. Although ovulation can occur ads appear. Number of irregular ovulation disorder if not seen immediately comes to mind is the case of rare or never. However, people can also be found in many regular menstruation disorders of ovulation.

Ovulation disorders can be classified into 4 groups:
    Ovarian lack of availability of hormones that induce ovulation uyrıp.

    In case of seeing more rare pieces egg follicles in the ovaries to ovulate can not arise in this case creates many cystic structure. Rare menstruation, there are symptoms such as menstruation and hirsutism without drugs. Unresponsive to treatment with drugs in case of laparoscopy in cases of ovarian cauterization process to spawn again achieved.

    These are formed early menopausal patients. In these patients, the egg IVF treatment will fail in all of stimulant medication. children in this group of patients may realize that they are the only way the egg donation process.

    This group of patients are characterized by the high milk secreting the hormone prolactin hormone. This is called hyperprolactinemia. More than prolactin prevent ovulation but the use of the ovulation hormone levels lowering drugs often can be recovered.

blockage of the fallopian canal
     They constitute about 35% of infertility cases. Tubes are partially or completely blocked from sperm or eggs if they are adhered to and the meeting will be blocked, pregnancy can not be obtained. Some inflammatory diseases that damage the tubes, endometriosis, tuberculosis can occur due to various pre-conditions, such as infection or previous surgery. Cause damage to children who are not family of tubes are easily able to have children with IVF.

Intrauterine adhesions
     Spent abortion or post-hysterectomy or uterine adhesions may occur in tuberculosis. in abnormal condition can be detected in the uterus; adhesions, polyps, fibroids or corrected during hysteroscopy innate curtain status.

     Rahman is the inner layer called the endometrium. Endometriosis is outside the uterus of endometrial layer, especially in the ovaries, rarely in the inner membrane of the abdomen is the case in parts of the body perpendicular to the bulub. endometriosis cysts in the ovaries is called chocolate cysts because of the brown contents. The most obvious symptoms of endometriosis menstrual periods and pain during the sexual contact, is experiencing difficulties getting pregnant. Today laparoscopic surgical treatment is possible. 1 year after treatment during IVF treatment should be applied to pregnant women not be tolerated.

Antisperm antibodies
     Antisperm antibodies can be found in both men need women. These substances may be detected in serum or cervix. Antisperm antibodies can block the merger of sperm and eggs, disrupt the movement of sperm or prevent the fertilized egg's development. Antisperm vaccination antibody positive patients as a first step that is applied intrauterine insemination. In cases unsuccessful IVF method is applied. pregnancy can be obtained need not be passed through the cervix to sperm with these methods.

Advanced female age
     The quality of women age progresses laying eggs laid decreases the frequency decreases. Even though fairly regular periods from 40 years of age pregnancy rates
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