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The development of embryos in the process of normal development of the embryo on day 5 off tearing out the shell, called the zona pellucida, and thus attached to the uterine wall. This event budding out of the shell (hatching) is called.
     Embryos are sometimes not able to do so and therefore can not hold the uterus that pregnancy can not occur. This state laboratory conditions prior to the transfer stage of IVF embryos to the uterus crust thinned in order not to risk the chance of pregnancy and are thus enhanced. Previously it carried out using mechanical method, acid method using laser method no longer present.

Pregnancy is the most important step in the development of settlements in the developing embryo womb. Before holding the mother's womb outer layer of the embryo called shingles around the tapering lost. This way you can hold the correct embryo cells proliferate outside the mother's womb and shingles. A window can be opened in the zone layer with advanced laboratory facilities to facilitate this process. This process can be aided by mechanical fine pipette can be performed using laser or chemical acid.

laser applications in IVF

With a superior technology touching embryos with laser systems (non-touch laser micro-drilling) by causing sections of perfectly micron level, with help budding (assisted hatching) carries out the operation. This method is used for older couples and groups of patients with problems in more embryos hold in the previous application. In addition, this method within the embryo toxic biological waste (fragments), cleaning (de-fragmentation) the quality of the embryos are transferred to the mother can be improved. before the laser procedure in Austria, Italy and the study of people in the United States and obtained very good results in studies in Switzerland were very dramatic results. The most striking example is a patient with laser treatment times into the 10th-tube baby practice has been to achieve pregnancy. In addition, pregnancy has been achieved in many cases entering the third and fourth IVF.

Woman with her husband's age progresses, the zone name around the egg layer thickens because the embryo into the womb grip reduces the chance of pregnancy. The laser method is used in the opening of the Zona name in the window layer increases the pregnancy rate in this group of patients significantly. damaging the embryo by this method in many cases over 38 years of age pregnancy is obtained.

Laser budding applications with assistance using female partner in cases of around shingles layer eggs, regardless of the age of the thicker than usual, and despite multiple IVF or ICSI application is made in the case can not result in pregnancy. third with budding applications with laser assistance, became pregnant for the fourth or even the ninth practice of having a healthy child are numerous cases.
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