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Test-tube baby was born until today, with over 3 million infant treatment. More than half of them were obtained by microinjection technique was born from the pregnancy. The first took place in 1992, ICSI pregnancies. Mikroenjesiyo by the method of fertilization failure in conventional IVF the risk of eggs almost disappeared.

     Classic tubes are obtained and prepared with eggs collected the baby was expected by waiting sperm fertilization methods together in an appropriate environment. In ICSI collected shells and peel each egg fertilized with goat single evaluating morphologically selected sperm best embryologist under the microscope. under the microscope with the help of the pipette into the egg held in the proper position still left a number of quality sperm with the help of pipettes. Day after fertilization rates is determined and control is performed. The same quality and classic tube babies has reached the same transfer day and microinjection embryos have the same chance of pregnancy.

Microinjection, a kind of IVF method in this section (mikroenjeksio's, microinjectio the .ics a) general information about are discussed.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) What is it?
Microinjection, sperm or eggs are not good quality infertile (infertile) applied to the pair, it is a kind of tube baby method involving embryos created directly by injecting sperm into the egg.

Mikroenjeksio the male's sperm in the female egg cytoplasm (cytoplasma) in the medical literature is placed inside the "Intra-Cytoplasmatic Sperm Injection" (ICSI) is also known as.

Among the people "pin pregnancy known as" the mikroenjeksio, in English, "microinjectio of" passing.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is applied when you first?
This method was first applied in 1992 in Belgium and then spread all over the world.

This method provides a very infertile couple fairly high chance of pregnancy non chances of having children before, a special microscope and mikromanüpilat tool called a single taken into a very fine needle with the help of sperm (male reproductive cells) are injected into the egg.

ICSI for male infertility has created a revolutionary change can be considered ..
This method is very low sperm count, sperm motility deficient, infertile men with poor sperm shape has the chance to be able to have children.

After 1993, most with no sperm in the semen analysis (azoospermia) in men if the testes (testicular) underwent surgery (TESA) If the cell for microinjection (ICSI) and reached the child to have an opportunity.

Does it make Mikroenjeksio disability in the baby?
There are different views on this issue. However, the mikroenjeksio; until today, it did not increase significantly with birth defects than babies that naturally occur.

If this situation stems from the genetic structure of the male sperm count is extremely low, this situation is likely to be transferred to the boys to ICS is available. Therefore, genetic counseling may be asked for a better double disclosure.

Also the absence of the male sperm ducts, congenital condition (vas agenesis), or with a disease called cystic fibrosis. genetic analysis may also be helpful for this disease is known to be hereditary.
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