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In cases where couples from surrogacy mothers or when the baby carriage is not conducive to the uterus is a procedure that allows couples to be parents. Born without a uterus, women received the uterus because the uterus is not developed enough or later health problems can be a mother in this way. eggs in the uterus of women with no or unavailable obtained combined with the sperm of the spouse of the mother is a carrier which will carry the embryo is placed in the uterus until it was born.

Thus, the parents of the baby carrier, which will carry the genetic mother carries only 9 months after birth and are delivered to their real parents. no baby in the womb or not suitable for transport women can also be applied if ovulation does not occur in addition to oocyte donation surrogacy process. So in this case the eggs obtained from outside (the carrier will be the mother of the woman or any other woman) candidate fertilized with the father's sperm and the embryo is placed in the surrogate mother's womb again obtained. After the surrogate mother gives birth to her real family to raise.

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Doğuş Hospital - Welcome to our Cyprus IVF Center. Our goal as Dogus IVF Center, patient-centered, patient satisfaction for using all the advanced applications with the latest in medical technology instruments to provide high pregnancy success.

In our center, the normal in vitro fertilization (IVF / ICSI) process, as well as egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, egg freezing and sperm freezing is done in processing.
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