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In cases where couples from surrogacy mothers or when the baby carriage is not conducive to the uterus is a procedure that allows couples to be parents. Born without a uterus, women received the uterus because the uterus is not developed enough or later health problems can be a mother in this way. eggs in the uterus of women with no or unavailable obtained combined with the sperm of the spouse of the mother is a carrier which will carry the embryo is placed in the uterus until it was born.

Thus, the parents of the baby carrier, which will carry the genetic mother carries only 9 months after birth and are delivered to their real parents. no baby in the womb or not suitable for transport women can also be applied if ovulation does not occur in addition to oocyte donation surrogacy process.

To whom sperm donation is to be used?
Sperm donation is to be used for men who haven't got any sperm in their ejaculate or they have no any sperm capacity for fertilisation of the eggs, or to the men that have genetic  to their babies or to the men that can't be and any sperm by Micro-Tese.

How sperm donation is applied?
Sperm donation starts with the induction of the woman of receiver family. The partners can do this in their country with their own gynecologyst or with the doctor that we can suggest to them. And when the eggs become mature as waited they can come to Cyprus for egg collection one day before or on same day morning of the operation. The eggs are to be collected and fertilised with the sperm selected before according to the required properties of the couple. And then, in 2-5 days, embryos that are obtained are transferred to the uterus of the woman.
Embryo Donation, Partners in which woman doesn't have any eggs besides man doesn't have any healthy sperm can prefer embryo donation for having a baby. In this situation, the uterus of mother candidate is prepared and the donor embryos are transferred to the uterus. And waiting period of pregnancy test.
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In infertile couples, if the reason is from female factors, and - she has uterus but hasn't got any egg (oocyte) for fertilisation or -she is in early menopause period, - if she has recurrent misscarriage, -if ovulation occurs but the quality of the eggs is low IVF procedure with oocyte donation is used for obtaining pregnancy. Behind these, oocyte (egg) donation is also used when female partner has a genetic disorder or sexually contaminating diseases and they can have healthy babies.

The eggs that are used for oocyte (egg) donation are provided from the women who are complying to the conditions that are required.

To whom oocyte (egg) donation is to be used?

  • -to women who has got uterus but undergo to early menopause
  • -to women who undergo to menopause
  • -to women who haven't got ovaries
  • -to women who have non-functional ovaries reasoned from chemotheraphy or radiotheraphy
  • -to women who have oocytes (eggs) which are low in number and/or low quality
  • -to women who have recurrent misscarriages
  • -to women who have genetic abnormality that can be herritated to their babies
  • -to women who have sexually contaminating diseases that can be herritated to their babies.
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